By Darren Thornberry

An unfinished basement is often the thing that seals the deal when buying a home. You imagine how you’ll finish it, host guests and games, store stuff, and watch movies on a wall-sized TV down there. Three years later, it’s the home of cobwebs, wrapping paper, and hockey gear and you haven’t done a thing. If that sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to consider the reasons why it really is a great idea to finish that basement once and for all!

Resale Value

A finished basement may significantly increase your home’s market value. And the functional added space is a no-brainer when compared to the cost of building an addition. The square footage under your feet is not just something that can add value when you sell the home. A basement remodel can solve the problem of outgrowing your home.


Have you ever stayed at someone’s home where you had a whole room and bathroom to yourself? Nice, right? As a guest, it’s comforting to have a private space rather than be right in the middle of the host family with nowhere to go for a breather. Need to put the in-laws somewhere that’s not right on top of you? Of course you do. Or perhaps they need a main-floor room? In that case, a teenager would chomp at the bit to have a basement bedroom. Maybe one of your kids is out of school but not quite ready to leave the nest? This solves that, too, giving them some autonomous space as they figure out what’s next.


Think of it. The poker table. The billiards. Foosball. The comfy couches and big-screen TV. There’s just something about having a space that’s separate from your living room where the purpose is to have fun and chill out. Kids love it. And that means you can keep a better eye on your tribe because they want to bring friends to your house. Family game night is easier, too, when you don’t have to clear off the kitchen table. Just head downstairs and set phasers for fun.

Piggy Bank

With your home theater, kitchenette, and/or wet bar in the basement, take the money you’d spend at the movies or the stadium and put it in the piggy bank. Entertaining at home, once it’s safe to do so again, will indisputably be a money saver. Invest in a decent sound system and it’ll become your favorite place to be.

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