By Adam Goldstein. Photos courtesy of Unfinished Furniture Colorado.

Unfinished Furniture Colorado offers customers some of the most carefully designed and painstakingly crafted furniture available in the state.

But as Owner Richard Lambert notes, the store’s most specialized pieces are only a starting point for someone looking to make a living space feel truly unique and personalized. According to Lambert, some of the store’s most popular items are remarkably versatile, even though they have been carefully designed and assembled.

“We have manufacturers, builders and craftsmen that do customization of furniture,” Lambert said, adding that the store features artisanal furniture from local builders, Amish manufacturers and others. “When you’re talking about bookcases, entertainment centers, writing desks – these can be fit to your needs and your space.”

Specifically, a bookshelf can morph to fit the demands of a specific study. This doesn’t mean chopping up an existing piece of furniture, or going with the old college-dorm model of wooden planks and bricks.

“One of the nice things that’s easy to do is to flush cut the crown molding so that you can put two bookcases together – they look like they were built together. That’s one of the ways that they can be customized,” Lambert said. “And by adding pieces, taking a couple of bookcases, putting a TV console in the middle, you can create your own, personalized entertainment center.”

Physical dimensions and arrangement are only one part of making a set of furniture unique. As the name indicates, Unfinished Furniture Colorado offers pieces that have yet to be set with a specific color. This allows the buyer the freedom to match the aesthetic of a finely crafted piece to their own living space. In other words, adding a new color and finish can make that perfect chair, bookcase or desk fit even more perfectly.

“Color is one of the things that’s the most unique ways of changing up furniture – the stains and the paints, two tones or three tones,” he said. “That, in and of itself, is a really good way of customizing it. Especially solid wood furniture, it’s easy to paint or stain.”

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