By Julie Kailus.
Photos courtesy: Budget Home Supply

Today’s kitchen cabinets come in endless hues, styles and storage solutions. We reached out to the experts at Budget Home Supply in Longmont to get their take on the latest.

“We enjoy working with customers by having them pick out the colors or stains that speak to them,” says Carmen Gibson, kitchen and bath manager at Budget Home Supply. “Then our experts can help them edit or complement their vision.”

Knowing customer habits is especially important. “While some customers require more drawer space, for example, others who bake a lot need a cabinet that allows a heavy mixer to remain on the cabinet shelf,” Gibson says. While every kitchen is different, here are some of the latest trends for modern lifestyles.

Kitchen desks

During the pandemic, many school-aged children have required a desk in the kitchen where parents can oversee work. Islands make this easy. ”These days we do not have to design the standard desk drawer and lower countertop,” Gibson says. “It can be as easy as making an island with functional seating and outlet capabilities.”

Built-in organizers

Specialized “hidden” organizers are a huge help for decluttering countertops and fixing cabinetry messes. Start with the basics: cabinets designed to store pots and pans, spices, and utensils. “Many people like to have a nice little coffee nook for their Keurig, making our K-cup drawer or wall pull-out a must-have for that fun space,” Gibson says.

Color for cabinetry

Hue trends for kitchen cabinets are ever-changing. “While gray and white cabinets continue to be extremely popular, new trends are leaning toward blues, greens and coffee-stained wood tones,” Gibson says. “Two-tone kitchens are as fashionable as ever, and the texture that shaker and slab doors as well as open shelving add remains popular as well.”

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