By Luanne Kadlub, Photos: Mighty Hand Construction

Mighty Hand Construction enjoys taking on challenging projects — like the Snowden Lake House

Rhonda Snowden couldn’t believe her eyes.

Her family home, which she inherited when her mother passed in 2018, had been turned into a trashed-out drug den by, of all people, her own daughter.

Should she sell and walk away?

That’s what any reasonable person would do, and in fact that’s what she wanted to do. But Rhonda’s gut said no. This was the home she grew up in, where her high school friends would come over to ice skate, sit around bonfires, and just have good, old-fashioned fun.

She wanted the home to once again become a gathering spot for friends and family and a place where she and her husband, Timothy, could enjoy their lake-lodge abode in their retirement years.

Rhonda contacted several contractors with little luck in finding one.

Then one day she and her granddaughter happened by an open house in her Loveland neighborhood and stopped to take a look.

That’s when Rhonda’s luck began to change.

The home, done as a flip, featured design elements that were exactly what she was looking for in her own home project.

The contractor on the flip?

Mighty Hand Construction LLC of Fort Collins, a fairly new startup that found almost instant success doing premium residential remodels and additions as well as custom homes in northern Colorado.

Micah Applegate founded the company in 2017 after “quite clearly” being told by God to move to Fort Collins from Arvada and start the company. Being a man of faith, he named the company Mighty Hand Construction LLC, based on Ecclesiastes 9:10: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

In four short years, the construction company has grown to more than 30 team members, including his two brothers, Noah and Jesse, as well as high integrity and professional in house crews interested in bettering the world around them.

So was it luck that Rhonda Snowden happened upon MHC? Or divine intervention? You decide.

“We stepped in and helped redream the whole project,” Micah Applegate said. The garage was turned into a master suite with access to a private deck and a back entrance to the house; a back porch, anchored by a large pine log, is now a sitting room with never-ending outdoor views; and the newly vaulted ceiling in the great room provides room for Timothy’s animal trophies.

The tongue-in-groove beetle kill pine on the new ceiling is continued on the walls and celing of the new sitting room and on the ceiling of the new master suite.

The all-new kitchen features natural tone alder cabinets, a blue island for contrast (you’ll find the same blue on bathroom vanities), granite countertops and top-of-the-line appliances. Easy-to-care for luxury vinyl plank flooring helps unite all of the living spaces.

If you’re going to have a home on the lake, you’re going to want the views and this home doesn’t disappoint. Both the great room and sitting room have large picture windows for natural light and extraordinary views of the lake, which Rhonda especially likes since she can watch her husband fish while she’s busy in the kitchen.

But there’s more.

Because the master suite became a bedroom, MHC added a three-car, insulated garage to the front of the log exterior home.

“The Snowdens specifically requested that the home have the feeling of a mountain lodge,” Applegate said.

The result is spot on.

The home remodeling project, which turned a trashed out house into a million-dollar home, has been full of happy surprises, Rhonda said, from the blessing of the house performed by the MHC crew to learning that her daughter is doing well in recovery.

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