By John Teehan

Spring cleaning is a seasonal tradition, and the perfect time to make some outdoor upgrades, as well. Damaged siding, clogged or bent gutters and broken downspouts can contribute to moisture getting into walls and basements. That can lead to mold, rot and structural damage.

C&S Rain Gutters, a family-owned business, has served the Northern Colorado community for over 18 years. They offer valuable insights into what sort of exterior upgrades may work best for you.


New siding can increase a home’s value, but it works best when it’s installed all at once. That way, the siding’s appearance is even and uniform.

Siding materials vary in cost, effectiveness and how long they take to install. Vinyl siding, for instance, can be inexpensive, comes in a wide range of colors and lasts ten to 15 years. But vinyl can warp, crack and fade over time.

Composite board also comes in various colors but can cost a little more and may need repainting every four or five years. On the plus side, it’s more resistant to insect damage and rot.


These come in different colors, and a thoughtful installation can create striking lines around your home’s roof. C&S Rain Gutters offers several sizes and styles, including European-style 6-inch half-around gutters.

While 5-inch is a standard option for residential gutters, 6-inch over-sized gutters are becoming popular. Even though it’s only a difference of an inch, they can handle 40 percent more water. Over-sized downspouts allow for more debris, so they’re less likely to clog.

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