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Functional and Stylish Bathroom Trends

Functional and Stylish Bathroom Trends

By Darian Armer

Google 2021-bathroom trends and you’ll find luxurious updates leaving homeowners not minding quarantine quite as much. Bidet anyone?

Floating vanities, backlit mirrors, smart toilets and wood-look tile topped the list. Many items were perfect solutions for COVID. Smart toilets offer less-germy options like a self-close lid, touchless flush or bacteria-killing light under the lid, but Pat Osiecki and Tim Apodaca, business partners and owners of Pro Marble Installation, say Northern Colorado trends are slightly different.

“A lot of our business this last year has been taking bathtubs out and turning them into showers,” says Apodaca. “Many people are just getting older and don’t want to step over the bathtub anymore. There are also others who have a five-piece bathroom and realized they never use the bathtub. They want to take out their soaker tub and enlarge the shower.”

The most requested flooring type they get is click together laminate that’s waterproof. That, or standard tile.

“We also get some customers who ask for heated floors. They’ve become a lot easier to install,” says Apodaca. “We can do it under the laminate now.”

While the duo say they aren’t seeing many requests for backlit mirrors, they are getting many requests to replace large mirrors with smaller ones.

“We’re seeing a trend of our customers going to individual mirrors and taking down the giant ones. Probably 75 percent of our customers either want us to replace their mirror or are planning on changing out the mirror once we finish our work,” says Apodaca.

Popular bathroom color schemes are white and gray.

“We see white cabinets, gray cabinets, white and gray flooring and some black. It’s what we’ve seen for the better part of the last two years,” says Apodaca. “As for fixtures we mostly see nickel. Sometimes if the bathroom colors are tan and brown they will have oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Matte black is really starting to make a run at popularity.”

One “trend” that remains constant is the popularity of solid surface walls and wall surrounds.

At Pro-Marble Installation, they offer engineered granite and marble panels that make maintenance easy, eliminating all the grout joints.

Re-Bath of Colorado offers its exclusive DuraBath™ natural stone and wall surrounds offering a seamless appearance and natural look.

If your bathroom is dated or damaged, in need of additional storage space or safety features, or just isn’t meeting your needs, the experts at Pro Marble Installation and Re-Bath of Northern Colorado can create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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The Many Hues of Kitchen Cabinetry

The Many Hues of Kitchen Cabinetry

By Julie Kailus.
Photos courtesy: Budget Home Supply

Today’s kitchen cabinets come in endless hues, styles and storage solutions. We reached out to the experts at Budget Home Supply in Longmont to get their take on the latest.

“We enjoy working with customers by having them pick out the colors or stains that speak to them,” says Carmen Gibson, kitchen and bath manager at Budget Home Supply. “Then our experts can help them edit or complement their vision.”

Knowing customer habits is especially important. “While some customers require more drawer space, for example, others who bake a lot need a cabinet that allows a heavy mixer to remain on the cabinet shelf,” Gibson says. While every kitchen is different, here are some of the latest trends for modern lifestyles.

Kitchen desks

During the pandemic, many school-aged children have required a desk in the kitchen where parents can oversee work. Islands make this easy. ”These days we do not have to design the standard desk drawer and lower countertop,” Gibson says. “It can be as easy as making an island with functional seating and outlet capabilities.”

Built-in organizers

Specialized “hidden” organizers are a huge help for decluttering countertops and fixing cabinetry messes. Start with the basics: cabinets designed to store pots and pans, spices, and utensils. “Many people like to have a nice little coffee nook for their Keurig, making our K-cup drawer or wall pull-out a must-have for that fun space,” Gibson says.

Color for cabinetry

Hue trends for kitchen cabinets are ever-changing. “While gray and white cabinets continue to be extremely popular, new trends are leaning toward blues, greens and coffee-stained wood tones,” Gibson says. “Two-tone kitchens are as fashionable as ever, and the texture that shaker and slab doors as well as open shelving add remains popular as well.”

> Budget Home Supply, 780 Boston Ave., Longmont, 303.678.8800,

What’s Cooking: Top Kitchen Trends of 2021

What’s Cooking: Top Kitchen Trends of 2021

Synonymous with luxury, heavily-veined marble has made a comeback in popularity and makes an elegant statement. (Photo courtesy: Castorena’s Granite & Quartz).

By Wendy McMillan

Colorado Kitchen and Bath
Both work surface and gathering place, countertop choices easily transform any kitchen from both practical and personal perspectives. (Photo courtesy: Colorado Kitchen & Bath).

Now more than ever, the time-tested words ring true: home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Over the past year, more time at home has highlighted what we want, need and long for in our living spaces. As a result, kitchen renovations today are marked by innovative, creative possibilities that do it all – offering comfort, beauty, durability, functionality, and unique appeal. 

If you’re considering embarking on a kitchen remodel, you’re in luck. Here in Northern Colorado, we’re spoiled when it comes to quality expertise. We checked in with a few top local resources to provide a glimpse of today’s most alluring, clever and achievable trends.  


Both work surface and gathering place, countertop choices easily transform any kitchen from both practical and personal perspectives. Crucial considerations may include attractiveness, durability, cost, eco-friendliness, maintenance and more. 

Synonymous with luxury, heavily-veined marble has made a comeback in popularity and makes an elegant statement. For a more affordable, equally stunning option, quartz countertops can be modified to closely resemble marble and high-end granite. Non-porous quartz is further quite resistant to stains, making it a family-friendly choice that is easier to maintain than other surfaces. Finally, granite simply never goes out of fashion. With an infinite range of natural colors and patterns, granite can lend the finishing touches to any desired look, from modern to classic.


Johnson Cabinetry & Refacing
A key focal point of any kitchen both in terms of aesthetics and practical usage, the impact of kitchen cabinets cannot be understated. (Photo courtesy: Johnson Cabinetry & Refacing).

A key focal point of any kitchen both in terms of aesthetics and practical usage, the impact of kitchen cabinets cannot be understated. What’s the most popular look right now? “Hands down, white Shaker doors are the favorite, by a landslide,” says Johnson Cabinetry & Refacing Owner Carl Johnson. “The clean, modern look really brightens up spaces.” 

While white is timeless and elegant as well as on-trend, however, Johnson says there are plenty of considerations to bear in mind, as well as differing approaches that can either complement cabinetry or add some pop, depth, and character through contrast. “People are embracing two-toned schemes, such as white uppers and darker bases, or white perimeters with a darker island,” he says. “The effect is really striking.”


When it comes to cabinets – and countertops, for that matter – at least equal in importance to look and style is storage. Today, options are available that can make any wish come true, says Ed Brehon, owner of Colorado Kitchen & Bath. Endless innovations blend beauty with functionality, from sliding pull-outs to in-between cabinet sliding racks and custom-designed spice drawers. Further, with an increasing amount of intelligent appliances available to cut back on workload, leaving you more time to actually sit back and enjoy your dream kitchen, cabinets and countertops offer thoughtful options for both easily tucking away and proudly displaying Instant Pots, smart toasters, air fryers and more. Cabinetry increasingly provides clever concealment of major appliances, too, such as the dishwasher or fridge.

Single-level islands 

While two-tiered islands offering the duality of a counter-height work surface and a bar-height eating area once had their day, today the one-level, counter-height islands are far more popular. Single-level islands remove obstructions, making kitchens look and feel more open and airy. Further, they expand utility significantly. “One level islands are very handy when it comes to prep, serving and dining,” says Brehon. “You can customize island cabinets, countertop, and all the special features that best fit your lifestyle.”

Ready to create your dream kitchen?

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